How else can I say it? Toni Suttie is just plain amazing. Such a caring and giving soul who is a top notch professional in this industry. She is one of the most pro-actor casting directors I have ever met.

Actor Reno, NV

I wanted to thank you again for your continued passion in your field of Entertainment. You do so much through Integrity Casting and I am so grateful to you. In particular, I wanted to THANK YOU again for the opportunity to work in the RUN RESIST RETREAT video back in 2013. Working side by side with Law Enforcement, Terri Russel and all the Integrity Casting Talent was a special moment in time. The men and women in Law Enforcement and yes the canine unit as well need to be congratulated on their continued service to the community. It was an honor to be chosen to work with them. Thank You again from the bottom of my heart. I believe this video is essential to review given the acts of terror that have recently stuck not only PARIS, but SAN BERNADINO, CA.

Actress Reno, NV

It has been really nice working with Toni at Integrity casting. Many opportunities to work with experience people and even worked on the Union job like Dell computer commercial! Great learning and always fun working and getting paid at the same time!!

Actress Reno, NV

DELL National was my first TV commercial shoot- It was so fun and exciting!
It was a great atmosphere and very interesting how they positioned all of us to be able to get the right shot. I was so inspired to continue with what I want to do in my life, professional acting.
Thank You Integrity Casting


Actor Carson City, NV

Integrity Casting is a gem and Toni Suttie is the sparkle! My girls have worked with Integrity Casting and Toni Suttie for a couple of years. During the last year she has been a mentor to both of my girls. During this mentorship, Toni has introduced us to how the entertainment industry works from top to bottom. The girls have had opportunities to work with industry professionals in front of and behind the camera. Toni has provided opportunities for the girls to meet and learn from industry professionals, including other casting directors, producers, actors, agents, and directors. She has encouraged and successfully submitted the girls for local jobs and jobs in Northern California. Along with on the job training opportunities, Toni also offers many classes for actors to take to brush up on their skills. The girls have attended classes on being professional actors, sign language for actors, posing for photographs and makeup for auditions, just to name a few. After nearly a year of mentorship and training by Toni, both of my girls have been picked up by an agent in the Bay Area, expanding their opportunities even further. We are thankful to be able to work with Toni Suttie and our family highly recommends Toni and Integrity Casting!

Reno, NV

This is long overdue, but I want to thank Toni for her recommendation. Last year I submitted myself to UNR's Standardized Patient program. I was new to the area and at the time I didn't know too many people in the community's art scene. Through the kindness of her heart, Toni recommended me to the CD. Her recommendation went far with him. Although I wasn't able to participate that year, he called me nearly 8 months later asking me if I was available for the upcoming season. He said he took Toni's recommendation seriously and wanted to check in and see my availability for the year. I've worked with UNR's SP program twice now, and he'd like me to keep coming back! I am extremely grateful to Toni. Were it not for her recommendation, I may not have had a second opportunity. Thank you, Toni.

Actress Sacramento, CA

Integrity Casting owned by Casting Director Toni Suttie is a "home" for actors and models. Toni lives and breathes the word "integrity." She cares about her talent! You are not just a number on a headshot! She teaches classes, brings in people to give seminars, and includes photographers and make-up artists. Coaching is also provided! If you are "talent," you need to be registered with Integrity Casting. She is also in Northern California and Hollywood.

Actress Carson City, NV


We can't say enough about our experience with Toni, Debbie and the entire Integrity Casting Team. Toni has been such a resource for us - and not just with helping us find talent! From opening up her world to us, finding us amazing people, filling our tummies with homemade goodies to being a HUGE resource for rallying support behind the project - our entire experience has been amazing!

Reno, NV

Toni Suttie is a gem! Professional, caring, with a great eye for talent. Her team were an immense help and a pleasure to collaborate with on our latest project. I Couldn't have done it without her!!!
Thank you for everything again. Miss you, love you, and hope to be back soon.

Las Angeles, CA

I would like to thank Toni Suttie for including my girls in the Manners and Etiquette classes this weekend in Fernley! They had a great time and can't wait to see you again! I highly recommend this class for kids and teens, both male and female. They will gain valuable knowledge and become more respectful. Thanks again,Toni, for providing this service to our community!

Manners and etiquette class Toni Suttie put on this class this weekend. As a parent, I have always tried to teach my kids these standards. It is not always easy to see as a parent to see some issues your children might have. We decided to have our boys attend this class. Both my boys stated, in their own words, this class reinforced what we as parents have been teaching then. The class taught them some of the finer points that we have missed. Both my boys enjoyed the classes. I would highly recommend this class to all parents. As a parent, I am very pleased that someone in the community is willing to take their time and set this up and teach my kids. I feel it is important for kids to hear another adult speak on the importance of these issues and reinforced the values and manners we have been trying to instill in the boys. I would also like to thank Rilassa Italian restaurant and Bobby Christy. Not only did they open their business for this class, they made one of my son's a special gluten free meal. Both of my kids said the food was amazing. Again thank you to everyone involved and if you get the chance, I would recommend this class to all parents. Toni is going to try to hold this class about every three months. If you on the fence about this class, ask toni