Our Fernley Manners and Etiquette Kids session went so well!

Reno session will be happening soon, reserve your spot now!

“What else don’t we put on the dinner table?” “Feet!”

Children attending Toni Suttie’s Manners and Etiquette classes at Journey Community Church and Rilassa’s restaurant always had answers for every question.

As a casting director involved in modeling, acting, advertising, TV and movies, Suttie gets emails from Fernley parents asking how to teach social skills and etiquette to their children.

Suttie says, “I saw that there was a really big need for manners and etiquette. Good manners can take you so far in this world. Being respectful to your parents and to your teachers and having an opportunity to respect your elders and people that have disabilities.”

The two day, four hour program started at the Journey Community Church where the children learned about the thirty most important manners for kids to know including saying “please and thank you,” how to reach out to people who do not have friends, how to write thank you letters for gifts they receive and to look at people when talking to them.

Chris Hohnholz, who heard about the classes on Facebook, attended with his two sons, Derek and Evan.

Hohnholz says, “Manners are sorely lacking today. Manners help us show respect for each other.”

Rilassa’s restaurant was the site for the Fine Dining part of the education. Rilassa’s restaurateur Bobby Christy discussed table settings and how to use the silverware.

“When using silverware always start from the outside and go in. For example, on your left you first have your salad fork, then your dinner fork while on your right, you have your soup spoon, dessert spoon and knife.” says, Christy.

James Cox, a waiter at Rilassa’s says, “I think this is a great idea. I remember when I was a kid, probably 7-8 years old, my Dad sat me down for my first table etiquette. He was strict. He was an old marine.”

The first course was a tomato bisque. This was followed by the main course of pepperoni and cheese flat bread. The meal concluded with gelato.

The children asked questions like, “Can ladies wear hats at the table?” When can I wipe my mouth? and “What do I do if I need to spit something out?”

A Manners and Etiquette Certificate was given to the each child at the completion of the course.