The MOST successful YOUTH Actors are those with exceptional Manners and Etiquette!

Im so very saddened to see that our talent and families are not registering for workshop sessions that we make available on occasion, especially this weekends. I often wonder why folks don’t respond, yet respond with leaps and bounds on the job opportunities. Especially this weekends session, which really is a gift to parents and youth talent alike!

The IMPORTANCE of Manners and Etiquette with our children should really be second to none and is SO very needed by each and every one of our children/teens.

We have put together and wonderfully fun, yet informative session on the MANNERS/ETIQUETTE that will start Saturday at 2p- 4p and end Sunday at the same time with a formal lunch.

Your children will not only learn the importance of respect at home and in the classroom, they will also learn confidence, phone/text/computer etiquette, being kind with regard to others being bulled/how to become the “hero”, table manners and so much more!

If the small cost of this session would be problematic due to finances, I am happy to help pay for your children so they can be part of this session, please just email me your situation, truly the MOST IMPORTANT thing to me is to have them in this (1) a year session.

Session is for ages up to 18, please reply with a confirmation of your attendanceĀ