Congratulations to Eli Harris, Zack Palica and Zerenea Matos

Congratulations to Eli Harris, Zack Palica and Zerenea Matos for being cast in the new TV COMMERCIAL for Northern Nevada Electrical Training Center- they are a trade school to become an electrician, a non-profit organization.  

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Here is the Wa She Shu TV COMMERCIAL SPOT number 1- Great job actors =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqPP7zrXtEs&feature=youtu.be

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GRAND OPENING- Please join us this Thursday, 6/15 at 6p to celebrate our new INTEGRITY CASTING HOME! Reno Alliance and Photographer's Creative Organization AKA (RAPCO) has rented us studio space and we couldn't be happier to have a new home [...]

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To my Integrity Casting family, In the 37 years that I have devoted myself to the betterment of not only actors and models, but to the entertainment industry, I have seen many, many changes. Headshots have changed from black and [...]

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Jan’s Business SPOT LIGHT radio show….. Featuring yours truly, lol!

Jan's Business SPOT LIGHT radio show..... Featuring yours truly, lol!     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ebojx7loNU&feature=youtu.be  

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Entertainment Industry, the many different PAY IT FORWARD adventures

Face Book Friend and Family may I ask a favor? Would you please support me tomorrow along with Jan France on the Jan's Small Business Spotlight Radio Show? has asked me to be live with her Wednesday, 3/1 at 12p [...]

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Looking for musical acts, comedy performances

Hello Gang! Looks like we will need to fill a venue full of musical acts, comedy performances and a wide variety of other acts for a LARGE EVENT in June along with another few events this month, next month etc. [...]

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Studio day

We will be in the studio this Friday, 1/6/17 from 2:30p until 4:30p for talent needing to: 1. Drop off head shot/resumes/new tax form etc 2. Renew your registration with our studio 3. Register for our INDUSTRY READY WORKSHOP/SIGN UP FOR NEW [...]

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FRIDAY IS STUDIO DAY! We will be in our studio from location on Friday, 10/8/2016 from 3p until 5p for talent to either drop in or schedule an appointment! Need to register with our studio? renew your annual registration? drop [...]

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Integrity Casting STUDIO UPDATE

Integrity Casting STUDIO UPDATE: We will be in the studio Friday, 8/19/2016 from 1p until 7p for talent wishing to pop in to: 1. Renew registration 2. Update their file- bring in head shot/resumes etc. 3. Interested in scheduling for [...]

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