We are casting a spot for the American Kennel Club. As you will see, we need a variety of talent. This video is a quick montage of different types of dog owners.
Following is a breakout of the casting.  This will be shooting in Reno in the next couple of weeks. Exact dates TBD.
Still working on what the clients budget is for pay, will keep you apprised.
If you would like to be considered, email head shot/resume to toni.suttie@gmail.com ASAP
  • Jock Millenial
    • To throw Frisbee to German Shorthaired oPinter
  • Old Woman
    • To sit on a couch by window petting Havanese on her lap
  • Family
    • To get out minivan with Golden Retriever
    • I have this cast
  • Tall, Stylish Woman
    • To stand with Afghan Hound in fancy lobby
  • Woman (middle aged or younger)
    • To hold Pomeranian close to her face, talking loving gibberish to it
  • Blind Man
    • Kisses Yellow Lab Service Dog on face, pull back to reveal he is blind
  • Burly-Looking Biker Man
    • To pick-up Chihuahua in vet’s office
  • Cute Tween GIrl
    • To pick-up Doberman in vet’s office
  • Good-Looking Firemen
    • To “work” in firehouse and then play with Dalmatian puppy like little boys